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Tropical fish & coldwater fish exporter from Thailand.  We supply quality fish and plants from sources.
Export and supply Barramundi fingerlings to global farming.

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Edible live fish fingerlings for export to food farm culture.

The captive breeding and supplied fingerlings to increase fishery production from aquaculture at the rate of 5 percent per year in which the production will reach 550,000 tons by B.E. 2539 (1996) of which 250,000 and 305,000 tons are produced from freshwater and coastal aquaculture respectively .

We cooperate with breeders and network farms to supplied fish fry and fingerlings for export markets.
The export fish must be treating and best quarantined before packing and export.  

Please study the species that were bred for supplied local farms in Thailand and for export markets.   Please feel free to contact us for discussion or enquire for your demand species.  Contact us

List of some fishes that breeding for edible fish farms in Thailand.

Anabas testudineus       
Catlocarpio siamensis       
Channa micropeltes       
Channa striatus       
Cirrhina microlepis       
Clarias batrachus       
Clarias macrocephalus       
Cyprinus carpio       
Fluta alba       
Helostoma temmicki       
Labeo rohita       
Lates calcarifer ' Giant Seaperch '      
Leptobarbus hoeveni       
Morulius chrysophekadion       
Mystus nemurus       
Mystus wyskoides      
Nibea soldado       
Notopterus chitala      
Notopterus notopterus       
Osphronemus goramy       
Oxyeleotris marmoratus       
Pangasianodon gigas       
Pangasius larnaudi       
Pangasius sanitwongsei       
Pangasius sutchi       
Probarbus jullieni       
Puntius altus       
Puntius gonionotus       
Puntius schwanenfeldi       
Tilapia mossambica       
Tilapia nilotica       
Trichogaster pectoralis       
Macrobrachium rosenbergii   ' Giant Freshwater Prawn '
Portunus pelagicus    ' Crab '      
Scylla serrata      ' Crab '      
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